Fixed teeth - All on 4 / All on 6

From the medical record, it can be concluded that fixed teeth can be done on the lower jaw while the upper is questionable. For the exact diagnosis, I have to make 3D scan. I am specially trained in cases like this, so if there is limited bone (at some level of course) we can do that. The fee for All-on-4 (four implants based construction) is approx. 6000e, temporary fixed teeth are included and after 6-12 month permanent fixed teeth should be done. Depending on the material they cost from 2500e to more. If there is enough bone it can be recommended All-on-6 (four implants based construction) which is approx. 8000e with the temporary teeth. Patient should come in Zagreb for the first appointment. Then, we can make all diagnostic procedures and, if the patient accepts the proposal, start to prepare the teeth for the next appointment. In the next appointment, we will book the whole day for him, 2 teams and lab and after 24-36hours he will have the teeth. Procedure for All on 4 / All on 6 So his stay in Zagreb should be: 1. First appointment 1 day - explanations, diagnostic procedures, 3D scan, patient confirmation with 30% of prepayment for booking the surgery and order the individual implants 2. Second appointment 3-5 days - surgery, temporary teeth preparation, primary recovery time In the next phase (after 6-12 months) - Final fixed bridge
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