Ceramic dental implants

Metal-free ceramic dental implants have been researched since the 1960s. However, decades of development were needed to create today’s, high-quality ceramic implants as we use in dental implantology.

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What are ceramic dental implants made of?

Ceramic dental implants are made of zirconia ceramics which is obtained from zirconium dioxide (ZrO2).

It is a ceramic material that has been already used for decades in the manufacture of industrial cutters, tools, kitchen knives, etc. In medicine, this material was first used in orthopaedics.

Since they are obtained from zirconium dioxide, we also call them zirconia dental implants.

Stomatološka poliklinika Apolonija, Zagreb centar: keramički zubni implantati proizvođača Straumann, Z-Systems.
Premium metal-free, ceramic implants Straumann

According to its properties, ceramics obtained from zirconium dioxide are similar to steel, so it is colloquially called “ceramic steel“.

The first attempts to use zirconia ceramics in dental implantology date back to the 1960s of the previous century. However, top-quality ceramic dental implants, with stable and predictable results, only come to the market in the early 2000s.

Are ceramic dental implants really metal-free?

Since the raw material for the manufacture of zirconia ceramics, zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), is obtained from the metal zirconium (Zr), there is a doubt whether the ceramic implant contains metal or not.

It does not: zirconium dioxide is a quite different material.

Stomatološka poliklinika Apolonija, Zagreb, centar: cirkonij-dioksid ZrO2 u obliku bijelog praha.
Zirconium dioxide as a raw material looks like a white powder

During the oxidation of zirconium, electrons are transferred from zirconium to oxygen molecules. This change is permanent and irreversible, and its result is a material that is by composition and all physical-chemical properties quite different than zirconium.

Therefore, we can say that ceramic or zirconia dental implants are indeed completely metal-free implants.

With metal-free ceramic dental implants, you don’t have to worry about metal intake or allergic reactions.

In addition, ceramic or zirconia implants also come with a lifetime warranty with proper maintenance.

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Are titanium or ceramic dental implants better?

By all properties and research, premium ceramic dental implants are of an equally high quality and reliable as dental implants made of titanium.

It should be immediately pointed out that ceramic or zirconia dental implants are not a replacement, but a high-quality alternative to titanium dental implants.

Therefore, although both types of implants are a great choice to replace a lost tooth, there are differences between them, on which the patient and implantologist will base the decision on selection.

Aesthetics of a ceramic dental implant

Because ceramic or zirconia dental implants are white in colour, they will look better in patients with thin gums, especially in the smile region.

In addition, the metal edge of titanium implants, or metal upgrades, can sometimes be glimpsed under the crown if there is receding of gums.

While the visibility of the edge of the metal implant can still be resolved, with zirconia dental implants there is absolutely no danger of disturbing the aesthetic impression.

Osseointegration and healing

Titanium and zirconia ceramics are biocompatible materials. In addition, zirconia ceramics are also a hypoallergenic material.

Therefore, ceramic dental implants eliminate the extremely low probability of an allergic reaction to the implant.

Both types of implants reach the highest degree of osseointegration and healing.

Ceramic dental implants show, in addition, a slightly lower degree of attraction and retention of plaque and bacteria in relation to titanium ones.

In addition to the qualities of a titanium implant, a metal-free ceramic dental implant also has an aesthetic advantage.

If you want superior aesthetic appearance of the implant, the best choice is a zirconia dental implant.

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Application possibilities

In terms of breadth and flexibility of application, titanium dental implants still show far greater versatility.

However, ceramic dental implants are progressing more and more in this field, so we already have ceramic implants with which we can install All-on-4 and other more complex procedures.

Due to a different system of implant superstructures (parts on which the dental crown is installed), the placement of ceramic dental implants must be extremely precise.

However, with Navident, the system of computer-guided implantation, which we use in the Apolonija Dental Clinic, the possibility of human error is completely eliminated.

You can find out more about the protocol for the placement of dental implants in our clinic, based on the guidelines of leading European and world implant societies, on our website: “Implantation procedure in Apolonija”.

Price of ceramic dental implant

The process of manufacture of a ceramic dental implant is very complex. It is necessary to ensure that during production even the smallest implant surface defects do not occur.

Therefore, the price of a premium ceramic dental implant is around 30% higher than the price of a premium titanium dental implant.

Ceramic dental implants in Apolonija

Every manufacturer of ceramic or zirconia dental implants strives to perfect them to stand side by side in all aspects with titanium dental implants.

One of the manufacturers that has come a long way in that direction is the Swiss company Z-Systems, member of the Straumann group whose dental implants are also placed by our clinic.

Stomatološka poliklinika Apolonija, Zagreb centar: keramički zubni implantati Z-Systems, tvrtke Straumann.
Ceramic dental implants Z-Systems, Straumann

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At the Apolonija Clinic, we offer premium-class ceramic implants.

In addition to all the qualities of titanium implants, ceramic implants also have some of their own, such as superior aesthetics.

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