Corporate packages for company employees

Apolonija Korporativni paket

The Apolonija Dental Clinic confirms its strong business ambitions through cooperation with other companies, in the form of providing benefits and conditions that are of benefit to company employees, with an emphasis on an individual approach to each and every one patient. For many years, our services have been used by a large number of managers and employees of leading companies from Croatia and the region, who have recognized our competitiveness not only in quality but also in professionalism. 

Employees of the largest Croatian corporations witnessed the quality of our services, equal to that of the best European dental practices. Accordingly, we have designed corporate packages the purpose of which are the offer of high-quality dental services in one place, according to the individual needs of each patient.

Individual packages

Each person can request a package individually. The package is usually contracted on an annual basis, and the patient chooses the package that best suits their needs.

Group packages

In addition to individual packages, there is the option of contracting very attractive packages for all company employees, according to their needs.

Family packages

In addition to the employees, we also want to include their family members in the packages. Their purpose is to offer high-quality dental services for the whole family in one place, with an emphasis on an individual approach to each and every patient.

We are especially proud of our packages for FIRST EXAMINATIONS which include:

First dental examination with a doctor of dental medicine

Preparation of a detailed quote with all the necessary procedures

It is possible to contract various packages on an annual basis, from hygiene and prevention packages, children’s and family packages, aesthetic packages, individually or at the company level.

In order to establish cooperation with you, all you need is to send us an e-mail or contact us and arrange a meeting where we will define all the benefits and conditions that suit Your company.

We look forward to presenting you with our services.

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