White fillings

Today there are still many dental practices that use amalgam or “black” fillings. They used to be very widespread. That is why many people today still have “black” teeth, and in the case of amalgam fillings on the front teeth, a grayish shade of smile. This aesthetic problem is very easy to solve by replacing old, black fillings with modern, white fillings.

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The importance of aesthetics in tooth repair

Tooth repair is one of the most common dental procedures. It saves a tooth from further decay, if affected by caries or damaged.

We repair a tooth with a dental filling. It means shaping a part of the tooth from a replacement material.

Today, we use the so-called “composite material“, a type of polymer that has excellent aesthetic and functional properties.

Tooth repair can be:

  • One surface: when we repair only the top surface of the tooth.
  • Two surface: when we repair the top and one lateral surface of the tooth.
  • Three surface: when it is necessary to repair the top and two lateral surfaces of the tooth.
Stomatološka poliklinika Apolonija, Zagreb centar: svaki zub ima pet ploha.
A tooth has five surfaces: top (occlusal), two lateral, and mesial and distal surface

No matter how many surfaces are affected, due to the bite and the interrelationships of the teeth on which the transmission of biting forces depends, it is important to model each surface to be replaced in such a way to imitate the natural anatomy of the tooth.

Today’s materials for fillings help us imitate natural teeth with their color. This is especially important for teeth that stand out when we smile and talk.

By replacing the black fillings in your teeth, your smile will experience a makeover.

Replace black fillings with aesthetic fillings.

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Advantages of white fillings

There are several advantages of the modern composite material we use for fillings.

  • In terms of color and strength, this material closely resembles a natural tooth.
  • The composite material is of different colors, each of which mimics the natural color of teeth, but in different shades. That is why we can imitate the natural shape of the tooth with grooves and cusps.
  • The composite material of white fillings does not contain metal. The presence of metals, i.e. mercury, is, among other things, one of the main reasons why “black” fillings have a bad reputation.

In addition, it should be noted that today’s composite material belongs to high-tech materials since it is based on nano filters, which feature a series of superior properties.

Are “black” fillings a health risk?

The so-called “black” fillings were made of a mixture of metals like copper, silver, mercury…

Another name for the mixture is “amalgam”. Hence their official name, amalgam fillings.

Stomatološka poliklinika Apolonija, Zagreb centar: metalni izgled i sastav stare amalgamske plombe.
A metallic appearance of an amalgam filling

Medical science undoubtedly indicates the potential harmfulness of a certain concentration of mercury.

By applying this knowledge to dentistry, it was recommended to replace metal fillings with composite ones.

That, however, should be done for valid reasons, i.e. medical indications. For example, if an amalgam filling is damaged or for some other reason is unable to protect the tooth.

It is actually the most common reason for replacing an amalgam filling. Specifically, it fuses with the tooth only mechanically, whereas the composite material fuses both mechanically and chemically.

Aesthetic filling

Even if there is no medical indication to replace an amalgam filling with a white one, it is definitely worth considering replacing those in the smile zone for aesthetic reasons.

If you have black fillings in your front teeth, they will not transmit light, and the tooth itself may look darkened and grayish, unhealthy.

As mentioned earlier, the white composite material allows the reproduction of details that we naturally find on a tooth.

If done well, we can call it an “aesthetic filling“:

  • It imitates the natural color of teeth.
  • It allows us to imitate the natural characteristics and shapes of teeth.
  • It reflects light just as natural enamel and dentin.

In other words, you cannot tell a difference between an aesthetic filling and a natural tooth.

Stomatološka poliklinika Apolonija, Zagreb centar: bijeli estetski ispun ne razlikuje se od prirodnog zuba, kako izgledom, tako ni čvrstinom.
If done well, an aesthetic filling is not different from natural teeth

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