Professional responsibility

Quality and respect for the rules of the profession have been the main principles of practice in the Apolonija Dental Clinic from the very beginning.

The postulates of medicine and dentistry have always come and still come before business principles. Our patients are first and foremost patients and then clients and we have a great professional responsibility towards them.

Quality and responsibility come first

At the Apolonija Dental Clinic, quality and patient satisfaction are always a priority and neither time nor effort is spared to achieve these goals.

We also treat patients from abroad, but on a completely different principle than in dental tourism.

They come exclusively because their family and friends recommended us since they are our satisfied and loyal patients.

Disadvantages of dental tourism

We are not supporters of dental tourism because we believe that there are serious conceptual shortcomings in respecting the rules of the profession and implementing the highest standards of dental medicine.

Work in dental tourism is, as a rule, not a health care activity, but an economic activity whose purpose is to make a quick profit.

Dental tourism is quantity-oriented, because of which quality is compromised and patients are mostly dissatisfied.

When a patient comes for only a few days, the treatment plan depends on the time frame available.

When patients leave such clinics, the patient-dentist relationship ceases to exist, which in many cases also means termination of professional responsibility.

Dentistry for all generations

In our clinic, it is completely normal to see two or three generations of families as patients, which is not the case in most private clinics.

Our results and satisfied patients are our best marketing and it is the main reason why patients come to us.

What brings them to us are quality and trust, and not buses of travel agencies or aggressive marketing.

The Apolonija Dental Clinic combines a 50-year tradition with state-of-the-art treatment protocols and state-of-the-art technology.

We approach each patient individually.

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