Ivana Toljan

M.Sc. Ivana Toljan, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Specialist in Dental prosthodontics

Head of Prosthetics and Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Ivana Toljan joined the team of the Apolonija Dental Clinic in 2006, just two years after graduating from the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb with the highest GPA. She quickly completed a residency in dental prosthodontics and also became a Master of Science and PhD student. She completed her postgraduate research studies in 2011 by defending her master’s thesis titled “Efficiency of different root canal irrigation systems”. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation in the field of advanced endodontics. She quickly introduces state-of-the-art technological procedures into everyday practice.

Since completing her studies, she has been continuously improving her knowledge in all branches of dentistry at conferences and seminars in the country and the world. In addition to flawless aesthetic and functional prostheses, complex aesthetic rehabilitation and aesthetic facial procedures, she achieves excellent results in the field of dental implantology as well as root canal treatment. She is the author of several review articles and research papers published in international scientific journals.

In her many years of experience, she has shown great responsibility, precision and meticulousness, which has resulted in a large number of satisfied patients requiring the most demanding dental work.

Field of work: restorative and aesthetic dentistry, veneers, fixed and mobile prosthetics, root canal treatment (endodontics), teeth whitening, aesthetic facial rejuvenation, dental implantology and 3D diagnostics.