Fixed orthodontic appliances

Fixed orthodontic appliances are the main therapeutic appliance for straightening teeth. Still, a fixed orthodontic appliance is just a tool in the hands of an orthodontics specialist. Only with professionally conducted therapy will a fixed orthodontic appliance achieve the desired result: a healthy and beautiful smile.

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Parts and functioning of a fixed orthodontic appliance

Fixed orthodontic appliances consist of brackets, from orthodontic arches (steel wire) that connect the brackets into one system and from additional elements such as rubber bands, springs, mini-implants, etc.

Brackets are most often attached to the outer surface of the teeth. The most important component of the bracket are its slots through which a wire called passes, also called an arch. By tightening the arches, the orthodontist acts on the brackets and the movement of the teeth.

Rubber bands, springs, coils are additional elements that can be used in orthodontic therapy as sources of force.

Stomatološka poliklinika Apolonija, Zagreb centar: fiksni ortodontski aparatić izbliza.
Enlarged view of a fixed orthodontic appliance

During each check-up visit, the orthodontist assesses movement which occurred and plans future movement of each individual tooth.

Fixed orthodontic appliances allow controlled and finest tooth movements are therefore considered to be the main therapeutic device in orthodontics.

Fixed orthodontic appliances are a reliable and proven solution to all bite irregularities.

With them, our orthodontics specialists can achieve the health and beauty of your smile.

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Aesthetic and metal orthodontic appliances

The aesthetics of a fixed orthodontic appliance mostly depend on the material and size of the brackets. This is primarily about the material of manufacturing brackets, then about their size and location, and finally about the colour of the rubber bands and the orthodontic arch.

Modern brackets for fixed orthodontic appliance

Previously, brackets were much larger in size and they were exclusively made out of metal.

Today’s production technology allows us to use much smaller and more graceful brackets.

In addition, today they are made of materials that are aesthetically very similar to the colour of the teeth or are even transparent.

Even orthodontic wires we use to regulate fixed orthodontic appliances (orthodontic arch and ligatures) are much more advanced today.

In addition to being white or transparent, they can have a memory effect, i.e. “remember” by reacting differently to different temperatures in the mouth.

This allows for the application a lot milder continuous forces with equal efficiency of tooth movement.

Metal brackets

Brackets like this are the most visible part of a fixed orthodontic appliance and with an appearance which probably well-known to all of us.

They can be placed in the classic variant, as in self-ligating.

In the classic version, the bow is attached to the bracket using rubber bands and miniature wires (ligatures).

In the self-ligating version, the bow is attached to the bracket with a special clip which is an integral part of the bracket.

Stomatološka poliklinika Apolonija, Zagreb  centar: neupadljiv izgled samoligirajućih bravica fiksnog aparatića za zube
Inconspicuous appearance of self-ligating brackets

Aesthetic transparent / ceramic brackets

There are ceramic and composite transparent brackets.

Both types represent an aesthetic variant of a fixed orthodontic appliance. They are completely transparent and imperceptible.

Stomatološka poliklinika Apolonija, Zagreb  centar: ljepota bravica estetskog fiksnog aparatića za zube
Elegant appearance of aesthetic brackets

Our offer of fixed orthodontic appliances

At the Apolonija Dental Clinic, you can choose between different types of brackets, following the recommendations of our orthodontics specialists , but also following your own wishes.

As brackets are just an aid with which an orthodontist moves teeth, the effectiveness and results of orthodontic therapy do not depend on the type of bracket.

Brackets are tools which can only do harm if they are not handled professionally and if the orthodontic therapy is not conducted by orthodontics specialists.

The choice of appliance mostly depends on the aim we want to achieve, but also on its aesthetics.

Our orthodontics specialists will be happy to guide you in choosing and applying the right solution.

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Who are fixed orthodontic appliances intended for?

Fixed orthodontic appliances are more commonly used in adolescents, young people as well as the adults.

It is good to point out that there is no upper age limit for orthodontic therapy with fixed orthodontic appliances .

Duration and guarantee of therapy success

The duration of fixed orthodontic therapy depends on the complexity and severity of the orthodontic anomaly. Most therapies last between one and a half years to two years.

Orthodontic therapy is followed by retention.

Guarantee of therapy success

Proper positioning of the root, as well as thoroughly developed protocols of retention, depending on the orthodontic anomaly lead to stability of the tooth movement.

That is why the Apolonija Dental Clinic offers 18 months of warranty for the preservation of results achieved at the end of therapy.

That is the duration of retention, after which it is considered that stability has been achieved and that occasional wearing of a retainer will prevent the possibility of tooth movement.

If there is movement of the teeth during this period, all the additional work of our specialists are covered by the stated warranty.

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