Digital color determination with spectrophotometers

Determination of tooth color is a very important step during the procedures of restorative dentistry and dental prosthetics. Each tooth consists of multiple layers and colors.

It is very demanding to identify all the colors and shades contained in one tooth and that is why matching prosthetic supplements and teeth requires great skill.

When making prosthetic supplements such as crowns or veneers on front teeth, even the slightest mistake in determining the color can be very visible.

Visual matching of tooth color

The method of visual matching of tooth color is a common method in cosmetic dentistry and involves a dentist or technician determining the tooth color by visually comparing a shade guide.

Such a practice has been proven unreliable due to several factors: type and quality of light and experience. In order to make the choice of color as accurate and precise as possible and to reduce the possibility of error of the visual method, various device shave been developed.

Devices for determining tooth color

One of these is the Easyshade spectrophotometer (Vita, Germany). Easyshade is a stand-alone, easy-to-use portable digital color matching device, which finds an effective exact shade of the tooth.

Many studies have examined the matching of shades using different methods and confirmed the reliability of spectrophotometry results.

This device is very fast and easy to use – it is held against the tooth and reads the shades of tooth color in a few seconds.

It is also great for measuring whitening results but is also used as an aid in determining color when making composite fillings so that they best match the color of the natural tooth.

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