The first virtual dental examination in Croatia

Not able to visit the dentist’s office?

Try an online virtual examination to get all the information you want.

Thanks to a virtual or online dental examination, we can offer patients an initial quote with much more precision than compared to the one based on information from an email or phone conversation.

The Apolonija Dental Clinic was the first in Croatia to launch completely virtual dental examinations. Due to a good response and patient satisfaction, we continue with online examinations in the forthcoming period.

See what a virtual examination in Apolonija looks like:

Why a virtual examination?

In addition to saving time and money, all information is transmitted digitally and is available to the patient at home. With an already prepared treatment plan, the patient will plan the visit to the dentist’s office more easily and with a specialist they have already met, so the visit itself will be more pleasant.

How is a virtual dental examination performed?

The virtual examination is performed using a mobile phone or laptop. Thanks to the direct connection with our specialists, you will receive instructions on what photos need to be taken before the examination.

Benefits of the online virtual examination

  • Significant savings of time and money.
  • All information is transmitted digitally and is available to the patient.
  • You will have the opportunity to gain a better picture of professionalism and demeanour that are very important in the relationship between dentist and patient.
  • Through an online virtual examination, the patient and dentist will gain a far more accurate picture of needs and opportunities, allowing for a more accurate initial quote.
  • The online examination allows the planning of treatment to begin even before the patient comes to the office.
  • After the online examination, your arrival at the office will be free of all uncertainties and it will be much easier for you to start with dental treatment.

Get a professional checkup without leaving your home!

We offer you a virtual dental examination.

Dental health questionnaire

Before the virtual examination, it is necessary to fill out an online questionnaire about the health of your teeth, where you will briefly describe your problems and wishes.

After that, expect a call from our clinic to plan further steps.