Who we are

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The Apolonija Dental Clinic is a clinic for dental diagnostics, orthodontics and prosthetics. It was founded on a fifty-year tradition of private practice and is one of the oldest private clinics in Zagreb. It grew out of the traditional family dental practice of Dr. Mira Jukić Lauc.

Our values and approach

Thanks to continuous education and the most advanced technology, the Apolonija Dental Clinic provides its patients with the highest quality health care. We are proud to be among the best institutions in the field of dental medicine. We do our best to provide the best services to our patients by constantly increasing the level of their satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of our employees.

Our mission is to encourage and make patients happy with a beautiful and new smile. We boast an individual approach, the most scientifically and technologically advanced procedures, and a humane and professional attitude.

Our vision is to be recognized as the best dental clinic in Croatia.

Respecting our mission and vision, we are focused on the users of our services, and we achieve this through:

  • Excellence – we continuously provide the highest quality of service.
  • Personalization – we approach each patient individually in order to achieve the most effective treatment.
  • Privacy – we protect the privacy of patients and provide complete discretion.
  • Diversity – we respect and include a wide range of people and ideas in our daily activities.
  • Responsibility – we stand behind all our actions with knowledge, honesty and humanity.
  • Technology – we systematically improve treatment procedures by introducing new proven methods and achievements.
  • Education – we are constantly improving the knowledge of all employees in order to achieve maximum expertise.
  • Efficiency – we monitor and apply new scientific and professional achievements which raise the level of accuracy, precision and success of our therapies.
  • Tradition – we have been investing in quality for half a century.
  • People and teamwork – through cooperation and joint action we create a professional and pleasant working environment. Apolonija Dental Clinic continuously introduces technological achievements and the most modern methods of treatment in Croatia.

Apolonija Dental Clinic continuously introduces technological achievements and the most modern methods of treatment in Croatia. We are one of the most technologically advanced dental institutions. We are systematically the first in Croatia to introduce new advanced procedures and the most modern systems and technologies.

Traditional medical approach, care for people, individualized therapy and the most modern methods of treatment are combined in one place. Every member of our team is here to participate in creating new values for our patients.

Arriving to Apolonija, you enter a clinic that pours its knowledge and skills into individual care of each patient in order for them leave it with a greater and more beautiful smile.

Half a century of tradition

Apolonija was founded on half a century of tradition of a private practice, the application of the latest technologies and the continuous improvement of all branches of dental medicine. These are the foundations on which we still build and systematically improve our work.

At the end of the 1960s, Dr. Mira Jukić Lauc founded a private dental practice located in Zagreb at Ilica 19.

After many years of work in clinics in Switzerland and Germany, dr. Jukić Lauc decided to keep the principles of Swiss and German dental medicine and individual care for patients and their families in her practice.

Since its founding and during its many years of work, the Dental practice dr. Jukić Lauc introduced the most modern technological procedures into everyday practice and became one of the most important private dental practices of that time.

Apolonija Dental Clinic, as we know it today, continued to be built on its principles.

At the end of the last century, with the opening of society and the establishment of new social and business freedoms, the need and possibility of establishing an institutional form of a dental practice that transcends the framework of dental practices appeared.

The Apolonija Dental Clinic was established, and it was able to introduce new levels of services and specialist care for its patients, and which, thanks to its good reputation, became more and more numerous.

This enabled the Apolonija Dental Clinic to develop and expand its activities while maintaining the principles on which it was created. The beginnings of digital technology in dental medicine were available to patients in Croatia through the systematic improvement of technology used in everyday work.

The increase in the number of doctors was accompanied by their systematic education in order to preserve the fundamental values on which the clinic was established. The growth of the clinic was and remains organic.

In the past few years, the clinic has undergone a system transformation in order to be able to respond to the new challenges and the needs of today and to be able to maintain core values on which it was created.

Systematic dynamic adaptation to new times and its requirements has enabled additional growth that is consciously controlled so as not to lose on the quality of top dental medicine, and at the same time enable the provision of dental care to new patients and new generations of our patients.


Our patients are the centre of our attention and they are given maximum time and knowledge. In this way, we provide continuous long-term and reliable dental care.

Many of our patients are already the third generation of families coming to the clinic. Considering dental medicine as a whole allows us to choose the best treatment for each individual patient.

We want to give our patients security and confidence in our services because they provide us with the trust that obliges us to provide them permanent and successful dental therapy.

Satisfied patients who no longer have dental problems and fears are the best proof of a doctor’s care; this is the goal we strive towards and which guides us in our daily work.

In addition to caring for the patient, the Apolonija Dental Clinic develops business that is conducted in accordance with scientific medical principles, positive legislation and modern ethical and moral norms. Each of our patients should be offered the best medical care and service.

The foundations of our relationship with patients are in line with the principles social, as well as financial responsibility. Care and compassion towards the poor, the weak and the helpless are deeply rooted in every employee of our clinic. Helping those who need help is carried out systematically and individually, and each of our employees develops with that spirit.

We believe that every man should be equally respected precisely because of their diversity. The attitude of the clinic is that the principles of human rights and freedoms are fundamental values of modern society.

We deeply respect the ideals of the Enlightenment and place man and science at the centre. We believe that treatment should be guided exclusively by scientifically validated facts and principles of evidence-based dental medicine / medicine.

We are committed to sustainable management and improving the environment in which and with which we live. We are constantly introducing new procedures and protocols for environmental protection and care for the world, which we leave to future generations.

The basis of our success is our employees. We want to create a diverse, safe and open work environment in which employees can grow and develop as individuals and professionals in their work.