Dental treatment

Our basic task is to eliminate and prevent pain and bring healing


Periodontitis is, apart from caries, the most common oral disease that causes tooth loss. Therefore, it is very important to know the symptoms of periodontitis, so that it can be timely treated.

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Treatment of the temporomandibular joint

Here at the Apolonija Dental Clinic, we have been successfully treating TMJ disorders for years. Our treatment of disorders of the TMJ and masticatory muscles feature a modern approach, diagnostics, analysis of the mechanisms and causes of pain, stabilization splints and application of other methods for reducing discomfort.

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Root canal treatment

Tooth and root canal treatment is a procedure used to save the tooth and avoid tooth extraction. It is called endodontics or endodontic therapy, whose purpose is to treat the interior of a tooth, the dental pulp. A healed tooth can serve us for many years.

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