Cookie Notice of the Apolonija Dental Clinic

More information about cookies

The Apolonija Dental Clinic seeks to make your online experience and interaction as informative and customized as possible. To achieve this, we use cookies or similar techniques. We believe it is important that you know which cookies our website uses and for what purposes. This will help protect your privacy while ensuring that our website is as user-friendly as possible.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on terminal equipment (computer or mobile device) when you visit certain websites. The Apolonija Dental Clinic may use similar techniques, such as pixels, web beacons, fingerprints for the device, etc. For the sake of consistency, all of these techniques together will be called “cookies”.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies can be used for a variety of purposes. First of all, cookies may be required for the proper functioning of the website. For example, without cookies, it would be difficult for a website to memorize that you have signed in. These cookies are called mandatory cookies.

Cookies can also be used to analyze how the website is used, to count the number of visitors, and to get information on how to improve the website. We do not link the website usage statistics and other reports to individual people. These cookies are called analytics cookies.

Social media cookies are used to allow social media to be integrated into a website, so that you can instantly mark that you like a page or product and share it on your favorite social media.

The fourth important use of cookies is to enable online advertising that can be tailored to personal preferences by displaying advertisements that are relevant and interesting to you, both on the Apolonija Dental Clinic website and outside of it. This is achieved by (targeted) advertising cookies.

How do I choose cookie and privacy settings on the Apolonija Dental Clinic website?

The Apolonija Dental Clinic website offers the possibility of setting preferences for cookies. By clicking on “Cookies”, you can choose which types of cookies you want our website to use. You can change your preferences at any time. In Cookie Settings you will also find a list of all cookies within each category (mandatory, analytics, for social media, for targeted advertising).

Please note that using Cookie Settings on our website may not delete cookies that have already been set. You can do this via your web browser settings as described below, after changing your cookie settings on the website.

If you visit the website of the Apolonija Dental Clinic whose target users are outside of the European Union, you can choose your cookie and privacy settings using your web browser settings.

How to manage cookies or disable them in the browser

Please note that the Apolonija Dental Clinic does not currently use a technical solution that would enable us to respond to your browser’s requests to stop tracking. In addition to the Cookie Settings section on our website, you can also manage your cookie settings at any time in your browser settings. Please note that your browser settings may not provide the ease of use provided by the Cookie Settings section on our website. If you simply disable all cookies or all of our cookies in your browser settings, you may notice that certain parts or features of our websites will not work because the browser may prevent you from setting cookies necessary for the website to function. Therefore, it is recommended that you use Cookie Settings on the website instead of disabling all cookies in the web browser. Below you can find additional information on how to disable cookies or manage cookie settings in the browser you are using:

  • Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en
  • Firefox https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences
  • Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies
  • Safari: http://help.apple.com/safari/mac/8.0/#/sfri11471
  • Cookies that ensure the proper functioning of the website (mandatory cookies)

Our website may use cookies for the following purposes:

  • to save preferences such as language, location, number of search results to be displayed, etc.
  • to save settings for optimal video display, such as buffer size and screen resolution
  • to read browser settings so we can optimally display our website on your screen
  • to locate abuse of our website and services, for example by logging several consecutive failed login attempts
  • to load the website evenly to keep it accessible
  • to enable a response on our website
  • to optimize the website in real time depending on how you use it, for example, a field in a form starts to light up or flash after a period of inactivity

Cookies that allow us to track website usage (analytics cookies)

Our website may use analytics cookies for the following purposes:

  • to track the number of visitors to our website
  • to track the time each visitor spends on our website
  • to determine the order in which a visitor visits various web pages on our website
  • to assess which parts of our website need to be improved
  • to optimize the website
  • to request feedback for specific parts of the website

Cookies for sharing website content via social media (cookies for social media)

These cookies can enable:

  1. registered users of certain social media to share content directly from our website and indicate that they like it

These social media may collect your personal data for their own purposes. The Apolonija Dental Clinic has no influence on how these social media will use your personal data. For more information about cookies set by social media and the data they may collect, see their privacy and cookies policies. Below is a list of privacy policies of social media which the Apolonija Dental Clinic most often uses:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Sharethis
  • Vimeo
  • Tumblr

Targeting and advertising cookies)

In order to tailor the information and advertising content to what interests you and what is important to you, we seek to find out what your interests are based on the content you visit and search on the website of the Apolonija Dental Clinic and third parties. Based on these interests, we develop a segmented profile and then tailor the content and ads on our website to various user groups. In this way, third parties who place cookies via our website can also try to find out what your interests are, and this information can be used to offer content or ads that are likely to interest you on other websites that do not belong to the Apolonija Dental Clinic. In this case, information about your current website visit may be combined with information about previous visits to other websites. Even if these cookies are not used, please note that we will display advertising content on our website, but it will not be tailored to your interests. This advertising content can, for example, be modified according to the content of the website. This type of online content advertising can be compared to television commercials. For example, if you watch a cooking program on television, you will usually see an advertisement for culinary products during commercial breaks.

We may use targeting and advertising cookies to:

  1. allow websites to record your visit and, as a result, assess your interests

    b. check that you have selected advertising content

    c. track the number of visitors who choose advertising content

     d. pass on information about your search habits to other websites

     e. enable the use of third party services to display advertising content tailored to your needs, interests or preferences

     f. determine which advertising content and advertising networks are most effective for us

     g. display advertising content about products that you have previously selected, requested, or for which you have shown interest in some other way (repeated advertising)

     h. track which ad content has already been shown so that you do not always see the same
     i. show more interesting advertising content based on your use of social media
     j. enable you to send questions or reviews about our services and, based on them, offer you advertising content that is more likely to interest you

     k. enable reuse of your reviews as part of recommendations on other websites

     l. provide information on the price, availability and terms of conditions of purchase of services of the Apolonija Dental Clinic that interest you and track your purchase preferences

     m. enable you to receive direct marketing emails tailored to your interests (if you have agreed to receive those messages) or direct marketing emails about products similar to those you have already purchased (if you have not declined to receive such messages).

     n. synchronize multiple devices (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop) with a visitor to track whether ad content on one device may have triggered action (such as a purchase) on another device (tracking multiple devices).

Concluding remarks

The Apolonija Dental Clinic may from time to time amend this Cookie Notice, for example, due to a change of our website or cookie policy. We reserve the right to amend the content of the Cookie Notice and cookies on the lists at any time and without prior notice. The new cookie notice will take effect upon publication. If you do not accept the new notice, you should change your preferences or consider discontinuing the use of the Apolonija Dental Clinic website. If you continue to access or use our services after such changes take effect, you agree to be bound by the amended Cookie Notice. You can find the latest version on this website.


If you have any questions and/or comments, contact us at info@apolonija.hr or visit our website to contact apolonija.hr.