A more beautiful smile

Give yourself the most beautiful smile

How can we beautify a smile?

Aesthetic criteria in dentistry have changed in accordance with new technologies that nowadays allow us to consider the beauty of a smile and dental health as equally important goals. Then why not have both a healthy and a beautiful smile?

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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest, fastest and most efficient ways to refresh and rejuvenate your smile. Therefore, teeth whitening is among the most popular dental services today.

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Invisalign cosmetic treatment

Invisalign cosmetic treatment in the Apolonija Dental Clinic corrects all your orthodontic anomalies in a simple and fast way. In addition, nobody except you and the orthodontist will know that you are wearing braces.

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Ceramic veneers for teeth

Ceramic veneers for teeth are the fastest way to correct teeth to achieve a significant and lasting change in your smile. It is therefore not unusual for Hollywood smiles to be most often created precisely with the help of ceramic veneers for teeth.

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Metal-Free Dental Crowns

One of the most common ways to beautify a smile is to use metal-free dental ceramics. This is because metal-free, all-ceramic dental crowns are made of materials that most accurately imitate the natural beauty of teeth.

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White fillings

Today there are still many dental practices that use amalgam or “black” fillings. They used to be very widespread. That is why many people today still have “black” teeth, and in the case of amalgam fillings on the front teeth, a grayish shade of smile. This aesthetic problem is very easy to solve by replacing old, black fillings with modern, white fillings.

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