Our Team

Our team consists of highly specialized professionals prominent in their field of work. From economics to medicine, every member of the team contributes to creating value for you. Meet our experts, the people who take care of your smile.


External Associates

Dental assistants

Renata Kolarec, med.sest.
Renata Kolarec, nurse

Dental assistant

Ana Štefinovec, med. sestra
Ana Štefinovec, bacc.med.techn.

Chief nurse officer

Karla Karamatić, med. sest.
Karla Karamatić

Dental assistant


Nikolina Kovačević, mag.oec
Nikolina Kovačević, M.Sc. in Economics

Head of Accounting

Ivana Rimac, mag.oec​
Ivana Rimac, M.Sc. in Economics

Office Manager

Antonela Lakoš, prof.
Antonela Lakoš, Prof.

Head of Client Relations

Igor Gregurić
Igor Gregurić

Client Relations

Petra Stanić, iur.
Petra stanić

Assistant to the principal