Premium orthodontic package

For patients who want added value to their orthodontic therapy, as well as covering all costs, we offer the Premium orthodontic package.

  • Purpose of the package: no additional costs during fixed orthodontic therapy, added value
  • Price: HRK 2000, but 100% discount on that amount with fixed orthodontic therapy + retention

It includes:

  • cleaning hard and soft dental calculus before installing the appliance
  • professional set for oral hygiene and protective wax
  • appliance change due to wear or structural changes to the patient
  • diagnostic procedures during therapy
  • fabrication, individualization and adaptation of fixed retention in the upper and lower jaw
  • orthodontic check-ups within a period of 18 months from the removal of the appliance
  • fixed retention repair within 18 months of removal of the appliance
  • replacement of one lost or destroyed mobile retainer

Even in adulthood, it is not too late for a proper bite and a beautiful smile.

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