Technology and Equipment

Scientific progress happens very fast, but the real progress is seen when applied in clinical practice and in the way it improves your everyday life. Today’s high aesthetic criteria for achieving a perfect smile require a rapid development of technology and materials that we provide at the Apolonija Dental Clinic.

3D diagnostics

The Apolonija Dental Clinic is the first institution in Croatia that has introduced 3D diagnostics in its practice. Together with the company Zubni rendgen dr. Lauc, within the LDMI Group, the Apolonija Dental Clinic has become the leading center for 3D diagnostics.

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Lasers in dentistry

Lasers are precise and minimally invasive. We use them in surgery as a substitute for a scalpel, in the treatment of mucosal diseases and in the early diagnostics of caries.

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What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a science that researches and develops devices and materials on a molecular or atomic level. It is increasingly present in medicine, including dentistry.

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3D scanning of teeth

Most people who have experienced the dental impression procedure are not too happy about it. This procedure is least popular with children, however until recently it was an inevitable part of orthodontic and prosthetic diagnostics.

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Digital smile design and 3D smile simulation

The smile design is a broad term which offers a lot of new possibilities but also traditional fundamental principles. One of those principles is patient participation in creating their perfect smile. Although the profession always respects certain rules and aesthetic standards, the most important factor in creating a smile must be the patient himself.

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